About us

PJ Milieu BV is an independent consulting company specialized in soil research and groundwater purification. The company represents a sustainable and social way of enterprise. The company stands for the three P’s (People, Profit, Planet).

PJ Milieu BV wants more than making a profit in an economical system that does not take the costs of any resulting environmental damage (e.g. pollution, deforestation, etc.) into account. Furthermore, the ethical and the social aspects are important for the employees as well as the customers.

Our office is located in the city of Nijkerk, situated in the middle of the Netherlands. From here PJ Milieu BV performs several projects throughout the Benelux.

We offer the following services:

Soil research
PJ Milieu BV can provide you with a extensive soil research from A to Z. Meaning that we provide a preliminary soil research as well as a redevelopment plan and the redevelopment itself.

Groundwater purification
PJ Milieu BV is able to provide several groundwater purification systems. We have several purification installations (e.g. groundwater strip towers, oil-water separators, aerobic biological purificators, anaerobic biological purificator and pumping equipment) standing by. So we are able to provide you with the proper installation within a relatively short period of time.

In-situ remediation
PJ Milieu BV is familiar with with several of the known in-situ remediation techniques. For example we have air extraction and air injection equipment directly available.

Asbestos research
We can provide you with a proper asbestos research in buildings (e.g. in case of pull down) and in construction materials (e.q. soil or debris).

Our clients vary from private persons to (large) companies, governmental institutions and communities. Our goals are based on a solid advice that aims at achieving a final result that benefits all. Practical expertise, knowledge of regulations and competitive prices are the foundation of our advice.


If you are interested in our services, please contact us either by telephone +31(0)33-2458511 or by e-mail contact.


Contactpersoon: Henk-Jan van Dasselaar
Telefoon: +31(0)33-2458511
E-mail: dasselaar@pjmilieu.nl